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Pushing the boundaries of possibility across industries, organisations and teams, big data jobs within applied technology firms are about uncovering vital insights and adding value through informed feedback on core business strategies.

Delivering creative responses to challenges and triggering continual performance improvement has become integral to businesses looking to achieve a competitive advantage.

Innovation fuelled by data. 

As the increasing penetration of cloud services prompts an explosion in IoT connected devices, data analytics is now an integral part of the technological landscape. As web, social media and sensor data grows in popularity, big data projects are gathering momentum. Those with the ability to harness qualitative and quantitative data in order to deliver cognitive solutions are increasingly in high demand within disruptive technology organisations – helping them to stay ahead of the curve.

Those working in big data are working towards the future of an organisation – utilising past and present data to optimise efficiency and results. Driving growth opportunities and increasing the potential productivity of organisations, data jobs within applied technologies provide opportunities to structure and perform independent analysis whilst working within innovative teams on highly technical assignments involving advanced analytics and visualisation.


Why work in Big Data?

Big Data jobs within emerging tech markets offer the chance to work on challenging projects amid a rapidly evolving technological landscape. With the growth of silos and the increasing capacities for real time processing and analysis of whole data sets, discovering the story behind the data is crucial for innovation.

Those with the creativity to provide the narrative behind data sets and to identify the variances are instrumental to the development of strategy and solutions across an organisation. This creativity is especially in demand within the disruptive technology industry, where rapid advancements challenge traditional understanding of the limitations of data. Those working in this sector understand when to trust their data, and can communicate its impact to internal and external stakeholders.

Key Big Data skills

Driving development through their capacity to understand and communicate the narrative behind the data, Big Data professionals possess excellent communication and critical thinking skills. Confident delivering forecasts and spotting patterns using API approaches, they are comfortable with key programming languages such as Python, R, C++ or Java.

Relevant languages, programs and applications include:

Python, MapReduce | Cloudera | EMC | GreenPlum HD | Hortonworks | Hadoop | IBM Infosphere | Oracle Big Data Appliance | SSRS | COGNOS | SQL | SAS | Pig | Hive | Splunk | Apache | Spark

At fortice we recruit for a variety of disruptive technology roles, working with some of the most progressive teams in tech. We are always interested in speaking with any of the following:

  • Data Scientists
  • Big Data Analysts
  • Big Data Engineers
  • Big Data Architects
  • SAS Consultants
  • MDM Architects
  • Big Data DevOps

For those with the right levels of experience and the necessary qualifications, big data roles within disruptive tech offer the chance to work on challenging projects within a collaborative environment.

For more information about the roles we are currently recruiting for, please search the jobs listed below. If you’re interested in speaking with a member of our team about your hiring requirements, please feel free to get in touch.