Architecture Jobs

Architecture stack in pinkAligning the platforms and technologies within an organisation, architecture professionals are in increasingly high demand within the disruptive technology sector. Chiefly concerned with the strategy, implementation, design, development and integration of software applications, technology architecture resolves the interrelationship problems that arise within enterprises.

Promoting stronger alliance between technical strategy and business goals, architecture professionals are experts in developing new IT frameworks, methods and tools. Experienced with multiple software products, infrastructure, technologies and services, architects manage the delivery of complex solutions; drawing on their extensive technical knowledge to implement innovative approaches.

Accustomed to balancing the needs of local and global entities to shape and deliver creative tech solutions, architects are specialists when it comes to defining technical blueprints and enterprise strategies. Resolving disparate technology and countering a lack of IT standardisation, those in architecture work to keep costs down and drive efficiency up.


Work in Architecture

For those focused on the emerging technologies, architecture jobs offer the chance to develop the next generation of systems, applications and infrastructures. Defining strategies and performing architecture assessments and quality assurance reviews, those working within this sector are specialists in complex technology solutions.

Utilising their extensive technological skills to identify, assess and solve challenging problems, architects excel in innovation, governance and strategy. Collaborating on application strategies and business solutions, architecture professionals are comfortable working on open source technologies in virtualisation or operating systems, databases, app and web tiers and service oriented architecture. When architecting intricate IT solutions based on emerging technologies, familiarity with cloud integration, API management, and lightweight application architectures are all beneficial.


Key Architecture Skills, Certifications and Applications

AWS | Azure | TOGAF | Zachman | Gartner | Openstack | Java | .Net | C# | Mulesoft | IBM | SharePoint

Developing relationships within teams, and with key stakeholders and clients, architecture professionals need to possess strong communications skills – preferably with some consultancy experience. Experienced in designing and migrating applications to the cloud, and developing cohesive solutions to technical problems, architecture professionals will understand the importance of balancing architectural concerns with the overall concerns of an enterprise as a whole.

Those with a Masters degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or Information Technology are typically the most desirable candidates, however, experience and certification play a huge part.

fortice recruit for a variety of architecture roles, working with some of the most innovative organisations in tech. We are always interested in speaking with any of the following:

  • Cloud architects
  • Technical architects
  • Solutions architects
  • Enterprise architects

The rapidly developing nature of disruptive technologies means that those looking to work on challenging projects on the cutting edge of tech will thrive in a highly collaborative, fast paced environment.  

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